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Help for Residents Recently Released from Florida Correctional Facilities

If you have been recently released from jail or prison and need help, we have some referral information that may help you.


Need Help To Earn Your GED?


If you are a released resident from the Sumter County Detention Center and would like to earn your GED, please send a request to us and a volunteer from our State Board will be in contact with you.  The GED testing will be provided through Sumter County Adult Education and all costs for these tests will be paid for by the Residents Encounter Christ ministry.  Click Here to Send Us a Request.

United Way Referral Help Information Available in the State of Florida

By dialing 211 or by searching "", anyone is now able to access bilingual information about health and human services. The information provided by 211 has been vetted and entered into their database.  Not all 211 locations are open 24/7/365.

Click here to access the web referral site and search the county name + state.


Assistance When You Need Help

Whether you are looking for food pantries, stores that accept food stamps, assisted living facilities, domestic violence shelters, homeless shelters, hospitals, mental health treatment, substance abuse treatment, free clinics, V.A. facilities, women's clinics, legal assistance or financial assistance, we have over 350,000 listings of both private and public resources near you that are ready to help. Click on the link below to access this web site.

​​​Web sites for Florida Ex-Offenders


Records Gone:  Offers several links to resources for Florida ex-offenders that may help with employment, development of work skills, and housing.  Click here to access the Record Gone website.  Provides links for reentry programs and assistance. This is not an agency and contract is made via their web site.  Click here to access the ExOffenders web site.

Information4Felons:  This is a resource directory to assist an ex-offender with the navigation of reentry.  Click here to access the Information4Felons web site.


Job Opportunities for Ex-Offenders and Recently Released


Preferred Materials has job openings throughout the State of Florida: (Updated: 4/2/2022)   Job openings are available for applicants with a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) to drive ready-mix that can handle the concrete mixer trucks, make deliveries & pour the concrete for our customers, willing to work overtime, willing to start early in the day. Preferred Materials also has other jobs offerings in their asphalt, corporate office & aggregate locations as well as the ones in the concrete sector. 

With any job application, if asked, it is very important to be completely honest when reporting past arrests.

Preferred Materials Inc. 4636 Scarborough Dr.

| Lutz, FL 33559 | (813) 973-2888

**To Review Job Openings and To Apply, Click Here - A Social Care Network that Can Help You

America’s leading social care network, which features more than 300,000 human-verified programs that provide help to millions of people across the country.  Click here to search for help by Zip Code.


Assistance Available from the Citygate Network

The Citygate Network serves more than 300 missions across the country.   There are various services provided by each of these ministries and by researching them at the link below, you can hopefully find one that will be helpful for you. 

Search the Citygate Network Directory for Assistance


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