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Ministry Update from the REC Board










Dear Community:


We had a saying in the Army, “They also serve who sit and wait.”   The prophet Isaiah took this up a notch when he said, “Those who wait on the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not be faint.”

As we sit and wait for the world and the jails to re-open, we may grow weary.  We need a reminder that God knows who we are and what our needs are.  While we are waiting, he has taught us a few things about using the latest Zoom technology to keep in touch with family and Bible study groups and church services.  He has taught us some lessons about being kind and patient with the people we live with, about being creative in connecting with family and long-time friends.  

As members of the REC community we are wondering when we will be back about the business of connecting with the residents of the county jails, bringing the much-needed love of Christ into their lives.  Please know that their struggles are increased in the jail by not being able to have any spiritual shepherding or teaching during this pandemic.  Their disconnection, their isolation and the boredom of their daily routines make their lives increasingly more difficult.

As their chaplain, I am happy to report that the first steps have been taken toward reconnecting them with God’s love through pastoral care.  While in the last two months we have had email connection through the Securus system, that capability has now been expanded to allow video conferencing one-on-one with the residents and the Chaplain.  We started this week.  I saw a lot of smiles.  I felt the needs of their souls for human connection and love and I felt their grateful hearts.  I was able to play music for one female while we both sang along.  Her tears told the story of how she felt.  This person wants to be baptized as soon as we can come back together.

I urge you as members of the body of Christ and the ministry of REC to continue to hold up in prayer all the residents of the various jails throughout the state and especially the jails where we have a presence.  Pray that God will continue to turn their hearts toward Jesus.  Pray also that we as members of the body of Christ with them, will soon be reunited in God’s powerful Holy Spirit, and be able to return to our active ministry through the REC weekends and monthly gatherings.   Thank you, Lord, in advance for hearing our prayer.  Amen.


Your Brother in Christ,




Ralph Donohue
Spiritual Director
Residents Encounter Christ of Florida, Inc.

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