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Ministry Update from the REC State Board Spiritual Advisor

 Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

The grace and the peace and the holiness of the Lord is with us as we embrace together God’s perfect plan for our redemption and our destiny in glory.  It took a trip to Ireland to remind me of the elements of my heritage that I should embrace and those elements I have been thankfully delivered from.   In a country that is 95% Catholic we discovered a place for worship, not far from us, called Galway Christian Fellowship.  It was as if people of all ages had been called there from “every tribe and nation.”  We were blessed by a powerful message from a guest preacher from Sri Lanka who had converted from Buddhism to Christianity.  She told us of a God who desires to bring His holiness into our lives, not a God who asks us to do “this and that” in order to win His favor.  When we go astray, she said, God doesn’t cast us off, He says, “Let’s talk.”  
It is that holiness and that willingness to talk that God has called us to represent to the residents of the various detention centers where He leads us.  I am delighted to join you on this quest and delighted to experience God’s holiness with you that we will share, allowing the Residents to Encounter Christ in us.  Together we will “rejoice in hope, be patient through challenges, and persevere in prayer together.”


Ralph Donohue, Spiritual Director                                                

REC State Board of Directors

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