Ministry Update from the REC Board










Dear Community:


This has been another blessed and humbling year for the REC ministry. All that has been or will be accomplished is only through the grace of God and because of the many believers who have answered His call to witness to those who are incarcerated. 


We know that God calls each of us for His own purpose in building the Kingdom and sometimes God gives the great and unexpected blessing of a vision of His Spirit. I’d like to share part of a vision that God gave to a Corrections Officer. To say it was life-changing for that Officer would be a great understatement. 


He wrote,


“It was late and I was tired, but God wanted to talk to me. He asked, ‘Where does someone keep their most priceless treasures?’ I said, somewhere safe, under lock and key.


I then saw Jesus standing in front of thousands of prisons and jails. 
The Lord said, ‘These have almost been destroyed by the enemy, but these have the greatest potential to be used and to bring glory to my name. Tell my people that I am going this hour to the prisons and jails to activate the gifts and callings that lie dormant in these lives. Tell my people that great treasure is behind these walls. My people must come forth and touch these for they must be restored.’


This amazing vision continued for some time, but the Officer closed by saying that beneath the exterior of the incarcerated were the people that nobody knew. He felt the Lord say,


‘These were the treasures that were missing from God’s house. If my people want to know where they are needed, tell them they are needed in the streets, in the hospitals, in the missions, and in the prisons and jails. When they come there, they will find me and the next move of my Spirit.’


This vision was so powerful for him that his relationship with God completely changed, along with his attitude toward the residents. He also knew that God wanted this shared with everyone possible and especially those called to this mission field, which is why he gave it to the REC team members. 


The residents we reach with the REC program truly are, “…the treasures that were missing from God’s house.” We can be thankful every day that God is using us to “… come forth and touch these for they must be restored.”


As we look forward to 2017, we are blessed to continue to provide REC weekends in the Sumter and Orange County jails as well as making contact with additional jails in other areas of Florida.  In addition, the REC-Outside program is thriving as we offer the "inside" REC experience at local churches


On behalf of the State Board of Directors, we pray you are blessed each and every day in your service to our Heavenly Father and that He will continue to guide us all to the next move of His Spirit.


Your Sister in Christ,




Mary Starkey
Executive Director
Residents Encounter Christ of Florida, Inc.

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