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Testimonials from Residents

        "Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved." Romans 10:13 

The following are excerpts from letters received from men and women residents after they had participated in an REC weekend:


 "... I wanted to say thank you for helping me find myself and accepting the Lord Jesus Christ into my life and heart and I am thankful that God made it possible for all of us to meet. I'll never forget you."


 "...Even the toughest of us here were forced to tear down the walls and pull off the masks in the light of Christ that we've found on this weekend. Our hearts are now full of God's love, and we are humbled to share that love."


 "...I, for so long, have held a lot of resentment and hurt inside for God for taking things in my life away from me. My wall has been tall and strong and solid for a good many years. I often just turned away not caring anymore about those around me because I knew they honestly didn't care about me. But these last three days we sat and talked, and I cried and truly prayed for the first time. I didn't feel like I was crying for myself anymore and most important, I haven't been mad at God anymore."


 "...The world sees us as criminals, alcoholics, drug addicts, and convicts. And after a while we begin to see ourselves this way as well. But we have been touched by the REC weekend and have been shown that God is love, and hope now lives within us all. Not one of us will leave here the same person as when we came."


 "...Our hearts have been changed, and we found the strength we needed to keep our faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you all for everything but most all --Thank You, Jesus!!!" "...It was God-ordained that I was here at this perfect time. I will never forget the weekend." "... Thank you for being a new member of my family."


 "... Please never stop REC--there are so many of us who need God, and I know because I do."



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