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REC Outside Events

What is an REC Outside Event?

Residents Encounter Christ is an interdenominational Christian ministry that brings the Good News of God’s grace to the inmates (residents) of our Florida county jails.  During a 3-day REC experience, a team of Christian men and women from different denominational backgrounds, both lay and clergy, enter a correctional facility together to share Christian community.


The REC-Outside program provides attendees (pilgrims) with the same experience on the “outside” as the residents have on the “inside.”  The REC-Outside is open to anyone who wants to experience a closer relationship with Jesus.  However, for those who are interested, participating in an REC-Outside also fulfills the requirements to serve on an inside REC team at one of the county jails.


Before the REC-Outside program existed, anyone wanting to serve on the inside team of an REC in a jail needed to complete a similar 3-day weekend on the outside. Typically, this would be the Walk to Emmaus, Cursillo, Discipleship or similar type of “Walk”. By attending an REC-Outside, that requirement will now be fulfilled.

The REC-Outside is a multifaceted Event

REC-Outside will be the cornerstone of our training program in which a group of Christians from the same area will come to Central Florida for approximately one week and be given leadership training to form their own community. Three days of that time will be spent attending an REC-Outside as a pilgrim.


The second purpose will be to provide the opportunity for those who are called for jail ministry within an established REC community and want to serve on an inside REC team but need to full the requirement of attending a Walk. 


Finally, REC-Outside will be open to the family members of those residents who attended an REC while they were incarcerated.


Our essential belief is that everyone needs a relationship with Jesus Christ. By participating in the REC-Outside program and then serving on a future inside team, you can help to answer God's call to bring that essential belief to the residents of our county jails.

When will an REC-Outside be Scheduled?  Stay tuned, we'll update this page to notify you of the next REC Outside event. We'll also send an email notification to all current REC volunteers.
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