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From the REC State Board Spiritual Director

Answering the Call….

Ever have the feeling that you would really like to make a difference with long lasting significance in the lives of people who might be hurting or broken?  A once popular song proclaimed, “What the World Needs Now is Love, Sweet Love.”  We have found that to be true especially when it comes to bringing that love to people who have never experienced godly unselfish agape love from the people who were supposed to have loved and cared for them. It’s like unlocking a treasure when you love a stranger and suddenly, they feel valued and they come alive and enter into a new kind of freedom and hope for their lives.

Having a front row seat to watch these miraculous transformations is an exhilarating and empowering experience for those who extend the love of Christ to others as it has been extended to us.  REC stands for Residents Encounter Christ.  When a hurting or broken soul encounters the love of Jesus coming through us who bring his love to them it’s a cause for tears and celebration on both sides of this experience of love and grace.

We at REC do not want to deny this opportunity to anyone who feels called to serve in this ministry to those incarcerated in the various county jails throughout the state of Florida.  While we are active in several counties in Florida, we see the need and the hunger for this godly love in all the jails in all the counties throughout the entire state.  Our prayer is that those who read this will hear the call and respond to this opportunity and trust God to equip them to be a part of a life changing experience for them and the people in these detention facilities that God will put in their path.

The need is great.  Let’s pull together to hear Gods call and jointly work to change hearts and change lives by simply bringing the love of Christ to people we know God created and know he truly loves.  For further information about this opportunity please contact our incoming Executive Director, Cindy Hall at:

Your Brother in Christ,

Pastor Ralph Donohue
Spiritual Director
REC State Board

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